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Leonardo Olivares

Serving Legal, Government & Nonprofit Communities

Nonprofit Organizations

Leadership. Passion. Action.

The Right Choice

We partner with lawyers, government officials, and nonprofit professionals to produce results.

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Legal Services for Lawyers

An Experienced Team Player

Let us work on solutions for your short-term legal research, writing, and other needs.

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U.S. & Texas flags on pole at Texas Capitol

Options for Government Officials

Proven Success

Federal.  State.  Local.

Let us help you identify resources, find the path, and help you reach your goals.

Leadership for Nonprofit Professionals

Ready to Serve

Approximately 1.4 million not-for-profit corporations generate about $1.7 trillion revenues annually.  This is serious business.


We help nonprofits with strategic planning, fundraising, ethical compliance, and other issues.  We help them help others.

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We're working to build a better Texas, a better world, for the people we care about.

Leonardo Olivares, JD MPA

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